Hello there! I’m Vedant. Welcome to my personal website. 

I created this blog during the pandemic so as to take up writing as a new hobby and challenge myself to write and publish daily for a few months.

Now, I use this website as my personal journal wherein I compile all my meaningful learnings and notes. On this blog, I share ideas and stories I've found helpful and while doing so, I aim to build a habit of writing regularly.

My blogging goals are:

  • Write and publish more often – Practice and Repetition
  • Share as I learn and consume content mindfully.
  • Connect with and build a community of like-minded individuals

Oh, and every week or so, I send out my email newsletter called “Sunday Scribbles” It has become my weekly ritual to reflect and share my musings, learnings and thought-provoking ideas through writing this newsletter. It's simple, free, and ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest blog posts.

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Feel free to share your thoughts with me by sending me an email.