Morning Rituals by Katie Stone

Book Review

Rating : 6/10

Genre : Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Life Advice

The Book in 3 Sentences

  1. A habit is a symbolic statement that you adopt to have big impacts.
  2. Focus, energy, strength and clarity are the stepping stones to success.
  3. Do something daily with full focus simply because you love doing it.

Main Takeaways

The author mentioned "Tea Meditation". This is a practice of making tea every morning while being completely mindful and putting your attention on every step of the process. Afterwards, you need to enjoy every sip of the tea without letting any worries distract your peacefulness.

Take some time every morning to read non-fiction books to either further your expertise or broaden your skills and knowledge by reading them.

Visualise success in a non-financial manner. So instead of saying, "I want make x number of money per year", think about how your life would look like if you were successful and happy.

Give the same attention to good things in your life as you give to your problems and stress. Dedicate a fixed amount of time to note down the things you're grateful for; or a list of things that made you smile.

Differentiate between the workspace and a relaxing place. Otherwise, you send your subconscious mixed signals. Keep it clean and keep all the things you need for work close-by.

Instead of writing a list of activities you want to adopt in your morning routine, write reaffirming text to read out loud. Something like "I get up every morning at 7:00 am and take a shower. After that, I sit down and meditate for ten minutes before making my coffee. Then, I..."


This book is a great handbook for people looking to the make most out of their mornings. The writing style is quite casual and straightforward which makes it easier for the readers to comprehend the information. The book is filled with practical morning habits.

It was a short read but at times I felt that the author could have elaborated the rituals more. Overall, I would recommend this book to someone who wants to build their morning routine and is looking for the 'ingredients' to customize it according to their needs and goals.

Top 3 Quotes

"There is no use to blindly copy what someone else is doing - no matter how many millions or billions they make. Every person is unique, and so should be their morning routine be."

"Tidiness is a very beneficial factor for your mental well-being. A made bed adds to that tidiness with just 10 seconds of work.

"Find a place where everything you need is there, and nothing else. Where distractions are locked away, even if only symbolically. Where your subconscious is fully on your side."