Describing the block

I recently came across an interesting piece of writing advice from author and essayist Kiese Laymon. In his interview with Literary Hub, he says, 

"With my head down, like I’m trying to concuss myself. I try to describe the “block” and once it’s described I decide what I need to go through it. Then you have to turn around and describe the feeling of running through it. We’re writers. We don’t run through anything without describing what we ran through.”

Not just in writing, this appears to be a great problem-solving skill to have. Describing an issue leads us to properly understanding what the issue is, we discover something new in the process of putting it into words, which finally leads us to find ways to fix the issue.

This is often in the destination - obstructions form but there several facts associated with both that play an important role in the clear understanding of the problem but go unobserved. 

As it's rightly said, "a problem well stated is half solved."